Friday, September 07, 2007

NIWeek recap

Michael Aivoliotis just published his video interview of me. That's prodded me into posting a quick NIWeek recap. Thanks, Michael!

I got the attendance numbers for my sessions. A total of nearly 300 people attended my presentations. Wow! Thanks to everybody who came, and I hope the sessions were useful.

"Software Engineering—The NI Way" was very popular; we filled a large room. I'm pleased that we had such great audience participation during this presentation.

The LXI presentation had the least amount of interest, but I think we had a good selection of attendees there. I showed unreleased products from both NI and Rohde & Schwarz. A big thank you to David Owen from Pickering Test, and Johannes Ganzert from Rohde & Schwarz, for loaning equipment for my demo. Afterwards, one attendee said that my presentation was "better than the one Agilent gives". I haven't seen Agilent's LXI presentation, but that sounds like a good compliment.

Another highlight for me is that one of the stars of NIWeek came to my Instrument Control Bus Comparison presentation. If you didn't attend the Thursday NIWeek keynote, you should visit the NIWeek Keynote Videos web page. Click on the Thursday tab, and watch the 8-minute video entitled, "Future Scientists and Engineers - An Interview with Samuel Majors". I think you'll be inspired.

I was honored to meet Samuel, but I was even more pleased that I was able to connect him with Jim Kring, the co-author of one of Samuel's favorite books, LabVIEW for Everyone.

I also had a great time at the LAVA Barbecue at the Salt Lick. Somebody needs to tell Chris Relf that I already paid. ;-) My car (and Nancy Hollenback and I) made a cameo appearance near the end of another Michael A. video. We had a great time.

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